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  • Who do the kids get in a divorce?

    One of the first things I am asked during an initial advice session with a client who’s thinking of filing for divorce is, “Who’s going to get the kids?” I always say to them, “Why don’t we look at it from your kids’ point of view? What’s best for them? Who are they going to get?”

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  • What is divorce mediation?

    Mediation is a way of resolving any legal dispute, whether concerning a divorce, finances or children, without going to court. Because of this, it can be a cheaper, more amicable and less stressful way of reaching an agreement.

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  • Who gets the house in a divorce?

    Generally, if you don’t have children, the starting point is that your house will be split 50/50 in a divorce. But this depends on each individual case and how you both decide to agree on other factors, such as pensions, maintenance and capital.

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  • It’s an amicable divorce – do I really need a lawyer?

    The short answer is no. But you’re risking all sorts of problems in the future if you don’t seek the advice of a lawyer, even if it is an amicable divorce. And it doesn’t have to cost you the earth. With fixed fees and mediation available as cheaper options, getting a divorce might not be as expensive as you think.

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