It’s an amicable divorce – do I really need a lawyer?

The short answer is no. But you’re risking all sorts of problems in the future if you don’t seek the advice of a lawyer, even if it is an amicable divorce. And it doesn’t have to cost you the earth. With fixed fees and mediation available as cheaper options, getting a divorce might not be as expensive as you think.

3 reasons why you need a lawyer

It’s vital that you seek advice from a lawyer so that:

  1. What you’re doing is guaranteed to be fair, appropriate and equitable.
  2. We can help you put your divorce agreement into a legally binding court order. If both parties agree, then you can obtain a court order without having to go to court. And that means you have absolute certainty that whatever is agreed will stand up if there are disputes and court proceedings in the future.
  3. We can check that you’ve remember absolutely everything. There are all sorts of things you need to take into account that could affect your agreement. Have you discussed your partner’s pension? What about their company shares? Are you going to have a share of either of them? Do you have a pension or shares yourself? Do you have an insurance policy in joint names? How are you going to divide the contents of your house? And so on.

How you can obtain an amicable, risk-free divorce

Please call Mark Reeves today on 01482 324252 or email to arrange a free initial advice session with us.

We’ll make sure you consider everything and help you to reach a fair, amicable and legally binding agreement that guarantees you total peace of mind.

You can find out more about how we can help you here.

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