NHS Continuing Healthcare Claims

Despite the NHS’s best efforts, the process of applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare can be long and quite complex. It can therefore be helpful to receive professional advice before and during the application process.

Finding quality healthcare for our loved ones can be an expensive and stressful experience and many people are unsure of their rights or where to get help.

In certain circumstances the NHS provides free care for outside of hospital that is arranged and funded by the NHS.  This is also known as NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Who is eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare?

NHS Continuing healthcare is for adults. 

Children and young people may be entitled to care packages if they have healthcare needs that cannot be met by existing services.  Guidance on healthcare provisions for children and young people is available from the NHS website.

Eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare depends on:

  • An Individual’s assessed needs.
  • The complexity or severity of those needs.
  • The unpredictability of an individual’s needs – is there a risk to the person’s health if the right care is not provided promptly?

Applications for NHS continuing healthcare can also be made retrospectively – when someone’s historic healthcare has been privately funded.

Even if someone is not eligible for fully funded NHS care they may still be eligible for support from their local authority.

Need advice?  We can help

We can advise and assist individuals who wish to make an application whether it is a current claim or retrospective (to recover for either an individual and/ or their estate).

Alternatively if you are unhappy with a funding decision and would like to discuss the appeal process please get in touch. 

Contact: Steve Pattison 01482 324252 or email sp@gosschalks.co.uk

For a full range of Private Client services and useful resources, please find our dedicated Private Client page here.

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