The A to Z of Family Law – C & D

This week, we're talking caffeine, calming tips, diets and debt in the C and D of Family Law.



This is where two mediators conduct a mediation session for a couple instead of just the usual sole mediator. This doesn’t mean two sets of fees though, as the mediators usually share the single fee for the couple. It’s used in complex cases or where there might be a gender imbalance, for example – so using a male and a female mediator with a heterosexual couple could facilitate a more positive discussion.


More and more couples are cohabiting these days, but it’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as common law husband and wife – you’re either married or not. The law affecting cohabiting couples is complex and these cases can often be more expensive than your average divorce.


Try and stay off this stuff if you’re in the midst of a separation or divorce. You’ll already be highly stressed and your adrenal glands will not need any further stimulation. It’s also not going to help with all those sleepless nights.


This can seem almost impossible to achieve during a divorce or separation. Any moments of calm you do experience are likely to be short-lived. Many of our clients say that Yoga and Tai Chi help a lot.



All those years spent calorie counting and here you are now rapidly shedding the pounds as a result of the separation. We call it the D Diet. It’s an obvious symptom of the stress and anxiety that you’ll be under. Try to eat well – lots of fruit and veg, and try to steer clear of processed food. Your body is under a lot of strain and it needs good fuel to see it through this difficult time.


Following a separation or divorce there are a huge number of decisions that have to be made. Your lawyer is there to advise you about the options that are available at each stage, but what they can’t do is decide which one you should choose. We never underestimate how difficult it can be to make these decisions and we’ll do all we can to help you.


If you’ve just been told by your partner that your relationship is at an end, one of the first emotions you will experience is shock. There may well be a sense of numbness which can last quite some time. This is quite normal and will likely be replaced with sadness and anger once you’ve come out of that initial daze.


In this economic climate, more and more of our cases feature large levels of debt. There’s a limit to what the matrimonial court can do when it comes to debts – it can’t do anything which adversely impacts upon the creditor.

The E & F of Family Law is coming up next week.

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