The A to Z of Family Law – J, K & L

This week, we cover everything from jobs and jargon to laughter and liability.



It can be really tough holding down your job when you’re reeling from the breakdown of a relationship. It’s not uncommon for people to be signed off sick for a while. Tell your employer what’s happening at the earliest opportunity – he/she is likely to cut you some slack.


Joining a gym or social groups can be a really good way of meeting new people and creating a new life for yourself. You’ll likely meet others who’ve been through the same thing and can offer you valuable support.


If you’re in contempt of court for breaching a court order, this is the ultimate punishment.


You won’t find any of this in our correspondence with you.



This is the least you deserve from us.


We’ll certainly have it on when you come to see us!


It’s no coincidence that the ideal praying position is when you’re on your knees.


We’ll arm you with this so you can make informed decisions.



The single most important skill we need to have as family lawyers and mediators.


It helps to try and maintain a sense of humour, but we understand that laughter may be a bit thin on the ground right now.


We’re experts in this but we understand that your legal position is just one aspect. We accept that there will be other things going on in your life that will impact upon the decisions you make. If you decide not to follow our legal advice, that’s okay.


If you have debts, make sure you tell creditors about the breakdown of your relationship and advise them that we’re acting on your behalf. Keep a line of communication open with them at all times. We can even write to them on your behalf if necessary to try and keep them at bay whilst we sort out the financial settlement for you.

Look out for the M, N & O of Family Law next week.

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