The A-Z of Family Law – S & T

This week, we cover the schedule of assets, being tactful and understanding any tax implications as well as other key things to keep in mind.



One of the emotions on the grieving cycle that you may feel from time to time.


If mediation is to be successful, it’s paramount that all participants (including the mediator) feel safe. We undertake a screening process before any mediation session starts to make sure that there are no issues of domestic violence or duress of any kind.


If you have children, then you might want to let the Headteacher know about the separation or divorce. The teacher can keep an eye on your child’s emotional welfare and can also make allowances for any change in your child’s behaviour.


This is a document drafted by lawyers and mediators when dealing with financial cases. It provides a comprehensive overview of the family finances and is very useful.



We understand how important it is for us to deal with matters tactfully, particularly given the heightened emotions you’ll be experiencing and the sensitivities involved.


It’s a great healer.


Good communication is essential to parenting your children together once you have separated.


All sorts of tax implications can arise from financial settlements, particularly where multiple properties and companies form part of the assets. It’s important to consider whether there are any tax consequences before entering into a financial agreement and, if necessary, obtain clearance from HM Revenue & Customs.

Next week, I’ll be covering the U, V and W of Family Law.

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