The A-Z of Family Law – X, Y & Z

Our last blog in the A-Z of Family Law series includes Christmas, yoga and sleepless nights.



It should be a magical time for children, but all too often it can be made difficult for them when parents argue over where the children are going to be, particularly on Christmas morning. Mediation and Collaborative Law can help parents discuss this emotive issue in a more conciliatory and constructive way.



When discussing changes to children arrangements, if the first request is met with a “Yes” it sets a really positive example for the future. If you agree to the change in the children arrangements to accommodate a family party for example, then when you need to change the arrangements for a particular reason your former partner will also likely respond with a “Yes”.


It’s normal for separating couples to keep looking to the past. We’ll help you to try and focus on the future.


Exercise in general will help you deal with the stress of a divorce or separation, but yoga in particular is very good. It calms both the mind and the body, and helps control your breathing.


You have to have been married for one year before you can apply for a divorce.



Domestic violence should not be tolerated whatever form it takes. There are many organisations out there that can help both the victims of domestic violence and the perpetrators. The court has the power to grant injunctions to help to protect you. Ask us for further information about getting the help you need.


Sleepless nights are a common feature of divorce and separation. Lack of sleep will in turn make you short tempered and, if prolonged, can make you ill. Your GP may be able to help. There’s also a great deal of information online about steps you can take to try and get a good night’s rest.

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