In the past, we’ve always been a little sceptical of the value of our own community related efforts. We were concerned that the money we raised and the time and resources that we donated didn’t always go where it was needed most or wasn’t used as effectively as it could be.

We set our sights on developing a new approach. One that is genuine, inclusive and measurable.  An approach that maximises our investment in time and money, so that we always deliver highly effective methods of support to those who need it most.  It’s how we run our business, so why not our community engagement programme?

The first part of the jigsaw was to find the perfect partner with the skills to help us deliver what we set out to achieve.

Whilst we work with a number of outstanding local charities (more about that here), the Smile Foundation became our main delivery partner and soon moved into our offices on a complimentary basis. It was a move that completed the picture for both parties, because they needed business support to further develop and we needed their expertise and experience in community support.

Now, we thoroughly embrace the Smile Foundation. As well as covering their main operational overheads to ensure their delivery is as cost-effective as possible, we also donate skills, time as well as financial support to a wide range of initiatives that they manage.  The value of our on-going contribution to Smile equates in monetary terms to approximately £70,000 per year.

Jim Dick, Chairman and Founder of the Smile Foundation, said:
"Gosschalks plays a huge part in our success. They walk alongside us with every step we take. Without their support, we would not be able to achieve such wonderful outcomes here in Hull and East Yorkshire.”

Since moving into Gosschalks, Smile have been able to massively increase their impact within the community of Hull and East Yorkshire, delivering well over £1.5m worth of funds/resources to more then 400 projects reaching out to thousands of beneficiaries covering health, education and sport.

Of course, it is not only the local community which benefits from our programme, so do our partners, staff and our clients.  Our community based efforts bring together a whole range of people who wouldn't ordinarily get to work with each other, strengthening relationships and achieving wonderful outcomes in the process.

Read about the other charitable organisations we work with here.

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