We understand how tough it can be when your business is going through financial trouble. We’re here to give you the best possible chance of protecting your investment, minimising your risk and saving your company.

The most important thing for you at the moment is to save your business. Our multi-disciplined insolvency team will give you all the support and guidance you need to try and make that happen. If this isn’t possible, we’ll find the best possible outcome for you and your creditors.

We work hard to demystify the process of insolvency and to remove the stigma that’s often connected with it. Our team advise on behalf of international, national and local insolvency practitioners, companies and their directors, secured and unsecured creditors, and other third parties.

We want to give you the best possible chance of protecting everything that matters to you and your company. Speak to us today about organising a free consultation. We’ll get to know your business, understand the difficulties you’re in and tell you what we can do to help.

A specialist on insolvency, Steve Dillon has been commended in Chambers & Partners for having ‘good technical knowledge’ and being ‘quick to respond’ to every one of his clients.

Acting for international, national and local insolvency practitioners

Our insolvency team advise, assist and negotiate on:

  • The appointment of administrators, liquidators, LPA receivers, supervisors of voluntary arrangements, and trustees in bankruptcy
  • The turnaround of companies and successful trading out of administration
  • The validity of both secured and unsecured creditors’ claims
  • The adjustment of prior transactions, including payments at a preference, unlawful dividends and transactions at an undervalue
  • The recovery and protection of assets, including property and book debts
  • The conduct of directors, including wrongful or fraudulent trading and breaches of duty
  • The implications to the workforce, including redundancies
  • The disposal of businesses and assets

Acting for companies and their directors

Our insolvency team advise, assist and negotiate on:

  • Corporate recovery options, refinancing and restructuring of businesses
  • The various insolvency regimes
  • Staff and workforce issues, including redundancies
  • The preparation of proposals for voluntary arrangements with creditors
  • Annulments of bankruptcy orders

Secured and unsecured creditors

Our insolvency team advise, assist and negotiate on:

  • The enforceability of security
  • The investigation of debtor’s assets and the commercial viability of claims
  • The effects of various insolvency regimes on a creditor’s ability to recover debt
  • Obtaining security in property for debts
  • The preparation and service of statutory demands
  • Obtaining bankruptcy and winding-up orders
  • Securing maximum dividends for creditors

Other third parties

Our insolvency team advise, assist and negotiate on:

  • Business and asset purchases from insolvency practitioners
  • Any liabilities that may be transferred with the purchase of an insolvent business
  • Applications to restore dissolved companies and other Companies Act applications