Setting up a local, national or international franchise? Or thinking of taking on a franchise operation yourself? Our experienced team will guide you through the process and advise you on the contracts to help you turn it into a success.

In 2011, UK franchising turnover was £13.4 billion, covering over 40,100 franchised units. The sector is increasing substantially faster than the rest of the economy.

Franchising is seen as a lucrative way of exploiting a brand and successful business model in new territory without the need to put up all the investment. Franchisees often see it as a guaranteed formula for business success.

Franchises have been developed over various types of business and come in many forms. But all will have certain key elements. Typically, the franchisor allows a franchisee to use its name, exercises continuing control over their business, provides operational assistance, and takes periodic payments from the franchisee.

Franchise agreements are often very lengthy and detailed. They’re usually highly tuned towards ensuring the franchisor’s prized brand and business model is both consistent and protected.

Specialist solicitor and partner, James Phinn, has wide experience in UK and overseas franchising. He acts for both franchisors and franchisees, including Checkpoint Systems (franchisor) and Toni & Guy (franchisee). Speak to him today to see what we can do for your franchise.