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Sponsorship is big business. It mainly covers sport, but can also involve music events, the arts, charitable and educational activities, and even the funding of television film productions.

Traditionally, a sponsor will want brand or product exposure by associating itself with a popular artist, team or event. They can do this by paying for the privilege or by contributing products or services. A written sponsorship agreement is important to protect both the interests of the sponsor and the other party.

The sponsor must tie down in writing the list of brand promotion rights and to clarify the scope of brand user license granted. They must also have the means to exit swiftly if something happens which could reflect poorly on the sponsor’s reputation.

For the sponsored party, the need is usually driven by having enforceable payment obligations. They also need to make sure the rights granted align with their own rights portfolio and other sponsors’ expectations.

We have been advising our local and national clients in this area for many years, particularly in the field of football. We negotiated and drafted kit supply deals and shirt sponsorship deals on behalf of Hull City AFC during their Premiership years. We also have extensive experience in venue sponsorship arrangements.

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