We’ll do our best to resolve your dispute as quickly and painlessly as possible, and put in place measures to minimise the risk of disagreements ever surfacing again.

No one likes to be involved in a dispute, and if they’re not dealt with in the correct way they can have an adverse impact on your business.

Our specialist team of corporate solicitors work closely with colleagues in the litigation department, with a view to reaching a commercial settlement for all parties and avoiding costly court proceedings.

We’ll advise in detail on the tactical measures available to you in the early stages of a dispute with a view to making sure you’re placed in the strongest possible position. Once disputes are resolved, we’ll then advise you on and draft new agreements, and review your existing structure to help protect you and your business for the future.

If you get caught up in a disagreement early specialist advice is essential, so speak to us sooner rather than later. Contact Paul Plaxton, Nigel Beckwith or Andrew Tarbutt today to see how we can resolve your dispute and protect what matters to you.