This is a complicated area of employment law and can often be confusing. Our specialist lawyers can guide you through the law and give you the confidence to make the decisions you know to be the right ones.

As an employer in the education sector, you’ll need to comply with the usual rate of employment law that applies across all workplaces. You’ll also be faced with more specific legislation and regulations that apply to what is a heavily-regulated sector. On top of these, you’re likely to have a great number of policies and procedures, which can in themselves be very extensive.

For newly-formed Academies, we can carry out a fundamental review of the policies and procedures that have been inherited from the local authority. We can also advise you on the possibility of taking a fresh approach to HR and staffing issues.

We also have vast experience of helping schools transform into Academies. Our employment lawyers work with other members of our firm to form specialist Academy teams for these types of conversions.

We understand that across the education sector, the focus has to be on steering a course through the legislation – the many regulations and the dozens of policies and procedures to deliver the necessary outcome.

Whatever you need to do, the chances are we’ve helped a school or Academy in your position to solve the same problem before. Call us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals.