We can prepare bespoke contracts and handbooks for you that don’t just comply with employment legislation. But which set out the ethos of your business and the policies that are important to it.

Contracts of employment and staff handbooks provide the foundations of any employment relationship. The law requires you to give your employees specific information about their terms and conditions of employment. You must provide this within two months of an employee starting work.

Staff handbooks also provide an opportunity for you to set out your policies and procedures. And they give your employees a quick and easy way to get information about their employment.

Quite often the information in your employment contract or staff handbook can also resolve problems before they come up. By clearly setting out, for example, the benefits that an employee is entitled to or the standards that an employer expects in relation to social media.

We understand that it can be time consuming for you to put these documents in place. We can support you to make the whole process as quick and hassle-free as possible. Call us today to talk about preparing these crucial documents.