Balancing the needs of your employees with the day-to-day running of your business can be tricky. We can help you understand your obligations and keep you up date with legislation.

There’s now a wealth of employment legislation designed to help and protect eligible employees who are also parents (or expecting to be) with child care commitments.

The Coalition Government also seem to have Family Friendly Rights firmly on their agenda. There are already proposals to change the way in which parental leave can be taken. So it’s very important that you know your obligations as well as the proposed changes in legislation.

Many of the current maternity rights are well known. Some of these rights include:

  • The right to time off to receive antenatal care
  • The right to a period of maternity leave
  • The right to statutory maternity pay
  • Protection from dismissal or less favourable treatment on the grounds of pregnancy and maternity absence

There are also other Family Friendly Rights, which cover father’s rights, rights of adoptive parents and guardians of children. These include the right to paternity leave, unpaid parental leave and unpaid time off to deal with family emergencies.

Some of the problems you can face regarding employee entitlement include:

  • Bonus/holiday entitlement during maternity leave
  • How to deal with an employee who needs time off because their child is sick
  • Advice on flexible working requests
  • Dealing with sickness or holiday entitlement of employees whilst they’re on maternity leave
  • Advice on paternity leave and the new system of shared parental leave (in particular in relation to the passing of data between the mother’s and father’s respective employers)
  • Dealing with redundancies whilst employees are on maternity leave delicately, so as to avoid a sex or pregnancy-related discrimination claim

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