Your employees potentially have the ability to take away your clients, your orders and your goodwill and use them for their advantage or for the benefit of one of your competitors. We can help you put in place restrictive covenants to prevent this.

No organisation would leave the safe door open at night or leave vehicles in the car park with the keys in the ignition. But failing to put in place proper restrictive covenants can in fact be no less risky.

Restrictive covenants are an area of the law where it’s important to understand what is and is not acceptable. Restrictions that go too far end up being useless because they’ll be declared void.

A one size fits all approach simply will not work. Restrictive covenants need to be tailored not just for the industry, but for the individual concerned. And they need to be properly drafted to make sure they’re effective.

It’s never too late to start protecting your interests. Get in touch with us today to talk through introducing restrictive covenants.