Our training courses will develop your skills and equip you and your staff with the knowledge to deal with employment law problems in the real world.

Our training courses include:

Employment Law in a Day

This course is designed to raise awareness about the many different types of claims that can be brought against employers and how to minimise the risks to your business.

From employment contracts, redundancies and discrimination to guarantee payments and protection for part time workers – if it has the potential to affect your business, we’ll cover it.

Read our Employment Law in a Day blog to find out more.

Handling Disciplinaries and Dismissals

Disciplinary procedures are probably the most common issue that managers have to deal with. Get it wrong and you could face an expensive Employment Tribunal claim.

This is a ‘hands on’ course. We’ll present you with different scenarios as they might occur in the workplace. You’ll then go through the steps you would actually take to progress misconduct or performance issues. During the day, you’ll work on the drafting of letters, witness statements and other evidence. As in the real world, there are surprises along the way too.

Practical Problems Day

Employment problems rarely come with a neat label telling you what type of issue it is and what claim the employee may have. Being able to detect potential problems is crucial to protect your business.

Do you know how to spot when a dismissal would be automatically unfair? Can you identify a flexible working request, a grievance or a protected disclosure? This course works through a number of scenarios ranging from the more typical to the unusual. Be prepared for twists and turns during the course of the day.

Bespoke Courses

Often managers are at the ‘front line’ of staffing issues. The way they deal with those issues can make the difference between resolving a problem or not. We can tailor a course to cover specific areas of concern or risk for your business.

To find out more and book your training, please contact Ted Flanagan today.