We’re understanding, compassionate and committed. Our specialist, individual service gives you the support and expert advice you need to protect what matters to you, whether you’re going through a separation, divorce or need advice on cohabitation.

What we do

In recent years, a number of us have had personal experience of divorce in our families. Even though we have extensive knowledge of the law, we felt panic, anger, hurt and a whole range of other emotions that you too are probably feeling.

We felt overwhelmed at times. The sheer number of things that had to be sorted out seemed huge. Not only did we have to think about the children arrangements and finances, but moving house, setting up new mortgages and much more besides.

We experienced first hand the devastating consequences of family breakdown and the impact it has on the whole family. We know that we became better family lawyers because of this.

As a result, we started looking at delivering our services not from our perspective, but from yours. We knew we could provide the legal advice. But we also started building an extensive team of other professionals around us to help you with all those other aspects you’ll need to think about.

We know that every family is different. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. So, we decided to develop three different family services tailored to meet your needs:

  • Collaborative Law
  • Family Mediation
  • Family Litigation

We’re here to help you choose the process that will work best for you and your family. Whichever one you choose, we’ll guide you and your family to a brighter future with understanding, kindness and commitment.

We are always here at the end of a phone or available to meet when the time is right for you.

Gosschalks Family Law Service Team