Through a cost-effective, friendly approach, our dedicated team will help you safeguard your best interests and gain a fair outcome without the need for court.

What’s collaborative law?

The collaborative approach is similar to mediation. It’s designed for couples wishing to avoid the costs and stress of the courts, and resolve their dispute in a co-operative and friendly way.

Unlike mediation, where the mediator has to act neutrally, the talks are carried out by the two lawyers. Each of you has access to legal advice in the meeting straight away. Your lawyer will be by your side throughout.

It’s different from litigation, because you, your former partner and the two lawyers will sign an agreement that no one will start court proceedings during the talks. The two lawyers work together as a team to help you and your former partner come to an agreement that you each feel is fair.

As with our mediation service, this route is ideal for resolving financial disputes and children issues resulting from divorce or cohabitation disputes. It’s also a useful means for discussing pre-nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements.

How you can get a fair, amicable settlement without going to court

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