Our experienced, sympathetic team will support and advise you through your financial dispute, and protect the best interests of your family.

Sometimes, financial disputes can happen between couples during and after a divorce or separation. These can relate to pensions, property and maintenance.

How we help you

Our specialist family law solicitors will give you all the guidance and support you need to reach the fairest outcome possible.

We understand how tough it can be when going through a divorce or separation. We’re here not only to safeguard your assets, but your wellbeing too.

Need advice? We're always here to talk

Call us now on 01482 324252 or email info@gosschalks.co.uk to arrange your free initial telephone advice session to see how we can help you resolve your dispute and focus on a happier future for you and your family.

You can find out more about how we can help you here.

We also offer fixed fee rates

We've developed a low-cost alternative to legal aid, which avoids the bureaucracy of the public funding system.