Is January really Divorce Month?

Is January really Divorce Month?

The press has already started reminding everyone that January is Divorce Month. Some even go so far as to identify the first Monday back from the holidays as Divorce Day. But does the evidence back it up?

Commentators refer to the anecdotal evidence of couples spending longer in each other’s company over Christmas, financial pressures, increased alcohol consumption and even seeing the in-laws to back up why everything comes to a head over Christmas.

The latest divorce statistics from the Office of National Statistics show a decrease in the annual number of divorces:

There were 114,720 divorces in England and Wales in 2013, a decrease of 2.9% since 2012, when there were 118,140 divorces.*

There are no figures relating to the breakdown of relationships of cohabiting couples. And there’s no specific data for divorces issued in January alone. So it’s difficult to say this month has markedly more than any other month.

It’s very easy to jump on the bandwagon of Divorce Month, and undoubtedly there will be marriages and relationships that break down over Christmas.

But it’s important to take the time to think carefully about these decisions. There can be far-reaching implications in terms of your children, property and finances.

There are several options open to you. From taking steps to help save a marriage or relationship, to resolving matters through the courts if your marriage or relationship can’t be saved.

None of these decisions should be based around what month of the year it is. Or whether it’s perceived to be the most popular month to take such action.

*Divorce statistics taken from ONS.

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