New survey on the devastating effect divorce can have on children’s education and lifestyle choices

New survey on the devastating effect divorce can have on children’s education and lifestyle choices

A recent survey by Resolution gives further evidence on the devastating effect of divorce on children’s education and lifestyle choices.

Resolution surveyed 500 children and young people aged 14 to 22. The findings showed divorce can lead to children achieving poor exam results and turning to drugs to ease their stress.

The survey found that ‘almost two thirds of children whose parents divorced said that the break-up affected their GCSEs, while one in eight turned to drugs or alcohol.

‘The pain of watching their parents split up also led nearly one in three children to experience eating disorders.’

Jo Edwards, Chairman at Resolution, comments:

“Almost half of all break-ups occur when there is at least one child in the relationship, and with 230,000 people in England and Wales going through a divorce each year, and many separating, this issue affects hundreds of thousands of families in Britain.

“The findings underline just how important it is that parents going through a split manage their separation in a way that minimises the stress and impact on the entire family.”

As part of Family Dispute Resolution Week 2014, Resolution is organising many events nationwide to promote alternative ways of resolving dispute rather than the traditional court-based approach.

Attempting mediation, a collaborative law approach or attending at arbitration can result in a much quicker and more amicable way of settling family disputes.

Choosing a Resolution member as a lawyer can help ensure you consider all options and get all the information you need to hopefully lessen the impact on any dependent children and minimise the pain of separating.

Resolution is a national body that promotes the ethos of resolving disputes in a non-confrontational way. The association is made up of 6,500 family lawyers across England and Wales.

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