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James Phinn


“The key thing to remember about being a commercial lawyer is to actually be ‘commercial’. In other words, being pragmatic and understandable, getting the best possible deal for your client and remaining focused on what’s important rather than getting side-tracked in unnecessary point-scoring.”

About James…

James lives in Nottinghamshire. Before joining Gosschalks as a Trainee Solicitor in 1997, he worked in the sales and legal team of a steel manufacturing and fabrication company in Sheffield. He qualified in February 1999 and has been practicing in his current role for 13 years.

A Partner in the Corporate team, James heads up non-contentious IP and commercial law matters. He specialises in drafting, negotiating and advising on commercial contracts.

“My previous experience provided me with the invaluable perspective of how the sales cycle and contract processes actually work in practice, ensuring my legal advice to clients is based on reality rather than a textbook.”

James especially enjoys the problem solving elements of commercial law, and the challenge of constructing completely bespoke contracts for unusual or unique business deals. He’s renowned for the focussed, pragmatic advice he gives to his clients.

“Getting a legal opinion on a contract from a commercial lawyer before you sign it, rather than from a litigator after a dispute arises, will inevitably save you money and headaches in the long run. There’s a tendency for some businesses to try to deal with some contracts themselves, which really ought to be handled by their lawyers.”

Other involvements/interests:

  • Freeman of the Cutler’s Company in Hallamshire, Sheffield
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