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Julie Kerwin

Family Law Mediator

“The most important thing for my clients is to leave the mediation session feeling they’ve got the best possible outcome given their circumstances. It is important to ensure they take an active part in the decision making and do not feel pressured into making agreements.”

About Julie…

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Julie lived and worked in South Africa for a number of years before returning to the UK to bring up her family.

Julie is a trained mediator and is fully recognised by the Family Mediation Council (FMC) to work with all issues of mediation, all issues relating to children and all financial aspects following relationship breakdown. Julie also has "The Voice of the Child" qualification which means she can, in appropriate cases, meet with children.  She is also a trained counsellor and has worked in a number of settings, including with profoundly disabled young adults and children.

“Most parents want the best for their children. So I work on that common ground where children are involved and make them the centre of the discussions.”

Before joining Gosschalks on a consultancy basis in June 2013, Julie worked for a major high street bank for many years. She also worked as a community member of a youth offending team, using restorative justice to bring victims and criminals together. Her unique mix of skills and experiences has helped Julie fit well into the role of a successful mediator.

“Breaking the bonds of a marriage or partnership can be devastating. The consequences can be life changing for all the family. With the help of an impartial mediator, couples find ways to exchange views and decide the best way forward in a non-adversarial way. I believe court proceedings can be very frightening for most people, and if I can help to find other ways to solve disputes then I am resolved to try.”

An animal lover and competitive horse rider, Julie is also a listed British Dressage Judge.

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