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Richard Perry

Legal Clerk

“I tell my clients not to worry and to ensure that all questions, no matter how small or awkward, are asked rather than leaving them unanswered.”

About Richard…

Born and bred in East Yorkshire and a very proud Yorkshireman, Richard joined us in 1983 as an Assistant to the now Head of Department, Mark Reeves.

Richard has over thirty years’ experience as a Fee Earner in the Family Law department and is now a qualified Family Mediator.

“I’m passionate about achieving resolutions in child-related matters that will clearly be for the benefit of the children.”

Clients have commented on Richard’s warm, compassionate and understanding approach, and his ability to listen to their concerns and worries.  He is also renowned for 'telling it like it is' and ensuring his clients fully understand the circumstances that they find themselves in, even if that is not what they want to hear. 

“I gain tremendous satisfaction from helping clients who are going through difficult and sometimes traumatic periods in their lives.”

Richard is a Committee Member for the Hull branch of Resolution and is also Company Secretary for the Walker Street Contact Centre, a registered UK charity which provides supported contact to separated families in Hull and East Yorkshire.  The centre aims to provide a safe environment in which children and young people can maintain a positive relationship with an absent family member. 

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