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Stephen Walker


“I find the right solution for my clients and explain everything in a way they can easily understand. It’s like having your car fixed – you want it repaired and running, but you don’t need to know how camshafts work.”

About Stephen…

Steve was born in Leeds and has lived in Hull since the age of three. He studied LLB Law at Leeds University and went on to complete a post-graduate qualification in Notarial Practice at Cambridge University.

In 1977, Steve joined Gosschalks and worked with the late Les Green for three years. After university and a few years ‘in the wilderness’, he returned to Gosschalks in 1995. A partner in Probate and a Notary Public, he specialises in inheritance tax and trusts.

“Some of my clients are going through a really difficult time in their lives, such as a death in the family. Helping them deal with this in a compassionate way while finding the right solution is what I’m most passionate about in my job.”

Steve is praised for his analytical skills and his ability to see through a legal problem quickly, find the right solution and explain everything in layman’s terms to his clients.

“You should always take advice from a professional. A lot of pseudo-legal advice that you might find on the internet of from non-qualified advisors is either out of date or plain wrong.”

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