Begging not to be banged up? Bosses get time behind bars for charity

Begging not to be banged up? Bosses get time behind bars for charity

Gosschalks Partners, Clare Johnson and Andrew Bell, are preparing to spend a day in the cells as they take part in HEY Smile Foundation’s Boss Behind Bars event on Wednesday 24th February 2016.

Boss Behind Bars is a unique fundraising experience developed and delivered by HEY Smile Foundation, taking local business leaders into the dock and then behind prison walls to raise funds for local charities.

This year will see high profile members of Hull’s legal community ‘locked up’ in HMP Hull.

They will be summoned along with fellow legal eagles, Bill Waddington and Sarah Clubley from Williamson’s solicitors, to appear at The Old Magistrates Court on 24 February 2016 where their charges will be read and their defence heard.

There’s little doubt that there will follow a unanimous guilty verdict for all, and the convicts will be handcuffed and transported to their cells at the Hedon Road Prison.

Once there, they will be tasked with raising sufficient bail monies to secure their release. However, we’re told people can always donate more to keep the jailbirds locked away for even longer!

Partner and Head of Licensing Law at Gosschalks, Clare Johnson, said:

“HEY Smile Foundation is a very important charity in Hull & East Yorkshire, and I’m delighted to be able to offer my support to their Boss Behind Bars fundraising event.

“I would urge all supporters to donate generously and help us raise much-needed funds for The Smile Foundation so they can continue their invaluable support for a range of smaller local charities and community groups, including those supporting vulnerable young people, children with disabilities and those providing respite care for families.

“I hope our staff, clients and the wider business community will dig deep – whether that’s to free us from the cells or to keep us in there even longer – it’s all for a good cause!”

So, it’s over to you!  Andrew and Clare’s fate is in your hands.

To donate, go to and be sure to leave a comment!

And you can follow their antics on Twitter using #BossBehindBars2016.

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