Gosschalks offers to draw up Wills for free as part of Will Aid

Gosschalks offers to draw up Wills for free as part of Will Aid

Hull-based solicitors firm, Gosschalks, is offering to draw up simple Wills for free this November as part of a national scheme Will Aid, which aims to raise money for charity.

The Will Aid initiative will see solicitors from across the UK offer free, professional advice in the hope the clients will then make a donation to the Will Aid charities. The suggested donation level is £95 for a single basic Will or £150 for a pair. The money raised will be shared by nine charities which help to transform the lives of people in the UK and around the world: ActionAid, Age UK, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Save the Children, Sightsavers, SCIAF (Scotland) and Trocaire (N. Ireland).

Stephen Walker, Head of Wills and Probate at Gosschalks, says it’s something that everyone should consider: “Most people put off making a Will because they don’t like to think about death and, although it’s difficult, it is important for the people you leave behind. If you don’t leave a Will someone else will make the decisions and it might not be what you wanted.

Wills can be made by anyone over the age of 18 and some of the most traumatic cases I deal with are when young people die. If a young person dies it is usually the parents who have to deal with everything. The death of a child is difficult enough and I’ve seen it many times where parents can’t deal with the worry of banks, building societies and other arrangements.

“For people who have high value estates then making a will is even more important as they tend to spread their estate to other family members and friends. The only way to ensure those gifts are made is to put it in a will because the law will decide who gets what and when.”

Gosschalks are also highlighting the importance of parents making a Will as it can have a major impact on what happens to their children if they die.

“The appointment of guardians in a will is extremely important. If something happens to both parents who haven’t made a will it could lead to the courts and social services getting involved which adds to the heartache for the child so it is best to make sure arrangements are in place.”

For more information or to make an appointment to make a Will, please call Stephen Walker now on 01482 324252 or email sw@gosschalks.co.uk

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