Charity support

To be honest, we were always a bit sceptical of our charitable efforts in the past. We worried the money and time we put in didn’t always go where it was needed, or was used as best as it could be. We knew we had so much more to give so we came up with something different and our programme has won multiple awards…

Others give to charity. We're home to one

We gave The Smile Foundation a free home at our offices. That way, we both win.

They save an extra £40,000 in rent a year to put to better use, and have unlimited access to our resources and business and legal skills. (If you had to put a number on it, the value of our ongoing contribution equates to around £70,000 per year.)

And we gain their years of experience in community work, so the time and money we give always goes to the people who need it most. People like Downright Special, House of Light, Sunshine House, Hull Memory Clinic, Special Smiles, Hornsea Inshore Rescue, Hull Families Project and Men in Sheds.

“Moving into Gosschalks in 2011 has been a catalyst for outstanding growth and success for The Smile Foundation. Working alongside the welcoming and supportive teams at Gosschalks has opened up a host of new opportunities and relationships for Smile. Working out of their prestigious offices and being able to tap into the wealth of knowledge in each department has enabled Smile to move on to a whole new level and to provide a much wider range of charitable projects across Hull & East Yorkshire with the expertise and support they need to succeed.”

Andrew Barber, Smile's Director at The Smile Foundation

“Whilst being supported by The Smile Foundation we were able to gain support from Gosschalks in areas that have made a huge difference to Downright Special. As our charity develops we have found we need more guidance on the back office items and legal and HR requirements and working with Ted Flanagan and his team has been refreshing and immensely helpful.”

Janette Waddingham, Downright Special

“After receiving a large delivery of chocolate biscuits, tea and coffee this morning that could sink a ship, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Richard Perry and the team at Gosschalks for this kind and very tasty donation! Taking time out with a family to chat over a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit is a huge thing when dealing with some of the challenges our families face. Your kindness is greatly appreciated and will be enjoyed for many months. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.”

Sara Ness, Sunshine House

“Being able to ask expert advice in a welcoming environment has enabled us to take further steps forward to become a registered charity. Our huge list of questions was answered in layman’s terms which made me feel at ease and has helped make the process less daunting and more exciting!”

June Cooke, Butterflies Group (Hull Memory Clinic)
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