St James’s Hotels: Licence applications granted via traditional methods

Richard Taylor, 2nd April, 2019

The story of two successful licensing applications achieved as a result of employing traditional methods.

I’m a traditionalist, was a history student (a long time ago) and I love a good hotel. I have recently completed two successful licensing applications which combined my love of history, hotels and which demonstrated that the traditional methods are often the best.

I was instructed by St James’s Hotels to make new licensing applications for two historic properties. The former Falcon Hotel in Chapel St, Stratford upon Avon is a 16th century Grade 2 listed premises which is the longest continually licensed premises in Stratford. In Bath, the Grade 1 listed former Pratts and Halcyon Hotels and Circo nightclub and a former sauna are being combined to form a new hotel.

There were significant challenges with both of these multi million pound restorations and the licensing applications, but these were overcome by using traditional methods.

In Stratford, the beautiful Tudor building needed specialist woodmen to restore the beams. Any beams that were beyond repair were replaced with 18 year old European air dried oak. Lath and plaster areas have undergone extensive works using lime plaster and new riven oak lathes. In Bath, the stunning Georgian facades needed specialist restoration. From a licensing perspective, we also employed traditional methods – talking.

Both hotels are situated in densely populated residential areas and we knew that the proposed licences with their late hours for non-residents would cause concern and result in objections.

In an age of electronic communication and instant messaging, we simply met with the concerned local residents and the council officers. We were able to allay any concerns and reach agreement with the authorities meaning that the Bath licence was granted without needing a hearing whereas in Stratford we had one of the friendliest hearings I’ve had in nearly 25 years of representing licensing applicants. Both licences were granted in the terms sought.

Traditional methods work.

Both hotels will open under the boutique Hotel Indigo banner shortly. The hotels will feature contemporary bedrooms, lounges, gym, restaurants and bars.

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