About Us

Thumb through a rival’s brochure, click around their website or talk to them in person, and you’ll probably hear the same old words. Professional. Experienced. Specialists. Experts. High quality. Committed…

We’re all these things. But the truth is, these are givens in our industry. Or they should be. It’s what clients expect, demand and deserve.

The difference with us is, we don’t just tell our clients why we’re the right people for the job. We show them. And we are so much more than they’d ever expect…

Based in Hull. Known across the UK

We’re a commercially focused law firm based in a purpose-built office in the heart of Hull. Our client base stretches to all corners of the country, and covers a range of sectors and disciplines—from large PLCs to one-man bands.

Queens Gardens, Hull: where our office is based.

How we stack up to big city law firms

“If you were really that good, you’d have offices in Leeds, Manchester, London…”

They may not say it, but we know that’s what many clients outside of Hull are thinking when they look at us for the first time. It’s a myth. And here are three facts that dispel it.

One. Our credentials speak for themselves.

An “enviable client base”, as described by Chambers & Partners, which includes ASDA, Morrisons, William Hill, Cineworld, Virgin Active, Arnold White Estates, Ei Group, JD Wetherspoon, Kingspan and Wilko, to name a few. And a team of lawyers and partners who are described as “a beacon of expertise” by The Legal 500.

Two. Being based where we are in Hull means we don’t have the same crippling overheads of a big city firm. So our clients get the best of both worlds: an experienced partner with national expertise who can dedicate sufficient time and resource to ensure we get the job done quicker. And, in most cases, in a more cost effective manner.

When it comes to helping clients to manage large property estates, it also means we don’t need to outsource our deeds storage to no-name third parties. Because we have our own purpose-built facility on-site and employ a team of archivists, we can report on documentation in minutes and have copy documents scanned and sent to your inbox in no time at all.

Three. We don't go missing. We're always available and When we need to meet with our clients in person, we take the fast train. We can be from our desk to King’s Cross in around three hours. Or we pick up the phone, jump in the car, email or video call.

Nigel Beckwith - Head of Corporate and Managing Partner

Hands-on without being handed down

If you need a partner, you get one. If not, your lawyer will be supervised by a partner at every stage of your case.

No needlessly being passed up or down, left or right, from one person to the next. The person you meet first will be with you every step of the way.

It’s their name on the letterhead, their voice over the phone, their hand you shake in every meeting.

The entrepreneurial lawyers

It's fair to say that entrepreneurs made us. People who took the initiative, who relished the responsibility and the challenge, who shrugged off problems and didn't pass on opportunities but saw the potential and grabbed it with both hands... all with the support of a great legal team of course.

The same entrepreneurial spirit exists here today. It’s how we’ve always done things. It’s in our blood. And it always will be.

Fearlessly commercial

We’re never afraid to take a commercial view on any issue to provide the best advice. Whether we’re handling a multi-million pound estate for a multinational brand, or a contract for a one-man-band.

After all, we are a commercial law firm. We know clients want solutions from their lawyers, not to be presented with problems and questions.