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  • Making a Will

    We’ve been preparing wills for over a hundred years. Our professional team can give you all the advice and direction you need to make the entire process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

    We know that drawing up a will can be complex. We’ll advise you on will writing, the creation of trusts and the overseeing of an estate to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible for you.

    We can advise on inheritance tax planning to make sure you pay as little tax as legally possible when a death occurs. We can also guide you on the preparation and registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney, which can be of great help if you were to lose capacity in the future.

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    Key Contact: Paul Mounce

  • Creating & Managing Trusts

    We provide one of the best services in the region for this specialist area of the law. Our team can advise on the creation of lifetime trusts for tax planning purposes. We can also guide you through the management of existing trusts and the creation of trusts in wills.

    Trusts are far more common and useful than people may think. Whether a bare trust for grandchildren, a life interest trust for your spouse or a discretionary trust for your whole family, we can advise on your best options.

    Once a trust is set up we can act as Trustees or help trustees with the everyday running of the trust such as preparing trust minutes and accounts or dealing with requests from beneficiaries for payments from the trust. We also work with recognised Financial Advisors to advise Trustees who need to invest trust funds.

    Key Contact: Paul Mounce

  • Inheritance Tax Planning

    From simple lifetime gifting and the Residential Nil Rate Band, to the use of trusts to preserve family wealth. We work with individuals to ensure their estate benefits from all available reliefs through to company directors and farmers who want to maximise reliefs before, during or after a business sale. Whoever we are dealing with our aim is simple. To maximise the legally allowable exemptions and reliefs to ensure that the maximum amount of your hard-earned estate passes to your family on your death.

    Key contact: Paul Mounce

  • Asset protection

    There are many scare stories regarding Residential care fees and with good reason. Given the cost of Residential care and the outdated allowances they can, without the correct planning, heavily reduce an estate.

    Whether it be that or wayward beneficiaries that you worry will not make the most of their inheritance we will advise you of the best way to protect your estate and ensure your assets are enjoyed by generations to come.

    Key contact: Paul Mounce

  • Business Succession Planning

    A death can cause chaos for a business. Whether it be the death of the sole director who has the only access to the company funds or a business that requires a key member of personnel to function.

    We advise on plans to keep businesses going through your Will, shareholders agreements or succession planning. Also, if the business is a family business thought needs to go into who will take over the business, will employees be involved, or will the business have to be sold? Again, we can advise on the best way to keep your legacy going forward.

    Key contact: Paul Mounce

  • Wills and Estate Disputes

    Known in the field as Contentious Probate, these disputes vary from inheritance disputes (including Inheritance Act claims), validity of wills, trust disputes and removing executors.

    Inheritance disputes are rising. Around 1 in 4 estates are now disputed. Rushed wills drafted during covid lockdowns have only escalated the trend.

    Sometimes, you may have little choice but to challenge the probate process if have concerns over the handling of an Estate . We appreciate the difficult nature of such a dispute and we approach matters with the care and sensitivity they deserve, offering the expertise you need to get the result you want.

    At Gosschalks our team of specialists have years of experience dealing with such matters throughout the UK. We can put you in the best position possible if you wish to challenge a Will or contest an Estate. We are also able to offer you the specialist advice you need should you find yourself defending such a challenge. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

    You can find out more abou this area by visiting our dedicated page.

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