Our culture is our biggest asset. It cannot be replicated elsewhere. It is unique to Gosschalks and it defines everything that we do.

It was once explained to us that in business you have a culture regardless of whether you want one or not so it makes sense to have one that is by design and not by default (thanks FEO!).

At Gosschalks we were fortunate that our default culture had evolved over the years to become a real asset so when we engaged everyone in the business to ensure it was designed to our exact requirements and 100% fit for purpose, we already had a strong foundation and were hugely encouraged by the response.

These days our culture helps to define everything we do. How we approach challenges, celebrate success and how we treat each other. It's a genuine asset that is unique to Gosschalks and helps us to differentiate from every other law firm. It cannot be replicated elsewhere.


To help people and businesses thrive and to build valued and long-lasting relationships by providing rock solid advice, support and guidance and exceptional service with the minimum of fuss.


To be a go-to, stand out law firm that everyone wants to work with and for, delivering solutions and outcomes beyond expectation whilst providing a client experience that is second to none.


  1. Every client is our most important client
  2. We do the right thing, even when no one is looking
  3. We treat colleagues like friends and family
  4. We share success
  5. Communication matters
  6. We work better together than apart

Our values are supported by a number of indicative behaviours to ensure that everyone understands them fully and adheres to them at all times. Our culture is not for a chosen few, it is for all. We hope that you see some of these values shining through when you deal with Gosschalks. If you do, please tell us. If you don't, please tell us.

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Some of our former graduates supporting our work with our in-house charity during their period of recognised training.