Estate Administration & Probate

We’ll approach the estate with the care and sensitivity it deserves, and offer the expertise you need to manage it properly.

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  • Grant of Probate

    We know how emotionally overwhelming it is when there has been a death in the family. We’ll help you secure the best possible solution through this difficult time.

    We’ve been involved in obtaining probates and managing estates for over a hundred years. We understand the importance of a sensitive, compassionate approach at times like these. We know that every case is different and we take great care to make sure your best interests are protected at all times.

    Our lawyers can advise on all aspects of probate law, including the process of making or dealing with claims against estates. We can also instruct on the steps you’ll need to take to make sure the right amount of Inheritance Tax is paid on the estate.

    Key Contact: Paul Mounce

  • Administering an estate after someone has died

    Obtaining a grant of probate is just the start of the estate administration process. Once obtained there are bank accounts to be closed, shares and property to be sold, accounts to prepare and beneficiaries to pay. All jobs which can be time-consuming and difficult at an already stressful time. We can assist you with all these matters as well as many others to ensure the process is as simple and easy as possible.

    Key contact: Paul Mounce

  • Deeds of Variation

    Even after someone’s death there is still an opportunity to alter someone’s wishes. Whether this be for family reasons or to try and carry out some tax planning. Deeds of variation are a great way to manage an estate the way the surviving beneficiaries wish. Be careful though, you only have two years from the date of death to prepare this document!

    Key contact: Paul Mounce

  • Pricing transparency

    Gosschalks is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and as such is required to provide transparency around pricing for a range of legal services offered by the firm.

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