Wills and Estates Disputes

Sometimes, it may be deemed necessary to challenge the probate process if you feel that the Estate of a loved one is being unfairly handled. We appreciate the difficult nature of such a dispute and call upon years of experience to ensure that we approach matters with the care and sensitivity they deserve, and offer the expertise you need to manage it quickly and efficiently.

At Gosschalks our specialists have decades of experience dealing with such matters both on behalf of those raising a challenge as well as those representing Estates. Whatever your need, you're in safe hands with our team.

  • Contesting Wills

    Death is not always the end of the story. Sometimes you may have concerns about a Will. Perhaps you feel the person who has died did not have the relevant capacity to prepare a Will. Perhaps you feel that someone influenced their decisions regarding the legacies in their Will.

    We can advise you of the likelihood of a successful claim, investigate and obtain evidence on and if necessary make a court application on your behalf. If you are an Executor and are faced with someone contesting a Will that you have to administer we can also defend that claim for you.

  • Inheritance Act Claims

    If you were financially dependent on someone who has died and you feel that you've not been sufficiently provided for under their Will, the Inheritance Act gives you an opportunity to request additional provision from the estate. We can act in both making a claim or on behalf of Executors defending a claim.

  • Disputes relating to health care and funding

    Do you feel a loved one was entitled to care that was not provided? Do they have nursing needs that should be funded by the NHS? Appropriate care can be very expensive and so it is important that you are fully aware of all the assistance you are entitled to so that your loved ones get the care they deserve and any financial assistance they are entitled to. Contact us today to discuss your situations and let us explain your options.

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