LPC or SQE route - It’s up to you!

Richard Taylor, 24th March, 2022

Our Training Principal Richard Taylor discusses below why Gosschalks LLP have decided it is a must that they offer candidates every opportunity to study, train and qualify with the firm.

Gone are the days when the only way you could qualify as a solicitor was by first completing a degree, going on to complete the LPC and doing a two year training contract. Although this route does still exist (at the moment), there is now a new route to qualify as a solicitor.

It is important as one of the leading firm’s locally for graduate recruitment that we are make our application process as diverse as possible. As the new route to qualification is now available, it is important that candidates can choose the path which is best for them. Alongside our HR Manager, Emma Moore each year we have more than 100 applications, eventually interviewing around 25 of those, usually taking on between 3 and 4 trainees.

Year on year we are seeing fantastic applicants coming through, I can only see this increasing with the introduction of the SQE route to qualification.

What are the usual minimum requirements to train with the firm?

Three A-Levels (or equivalent) with grades of A-C With both routes (LPC or SQE), we expect a minimum of 2:1 in a law degree or GDL.

However, we have in the past, employed trainees who do cannot satisfy these criteria, perhaps if they came to the law late or there are circumstances that mean that these grades were not possible. These people have become great solicitors and are valued members of our team. Please do not be put off. We really want excellent people. If you want us to consider you, apply and tell us your story.

If I follow the LPC route, do you help fund this?

As a firm we do not offer financial assistance to cover the cost of the LPC. You would be expected to have completed this before starting a Period of Recognised Training with us. We do pay for and support you in completing the Professional Skills Course, which is the course completed during your 2 year training with us.

If I follow the SQE route, do I need to pass SQE1 or SQE2 before joining you?

If you chose to follow the SQE route, you will need to have passed the SQE1 before starting your Qualifying Work Experience with us.

The SQE2 will be completed during the period of Qualifying Work Experience.

If I follow the SQE route, do you help fund this?

We would expect you to self-fund and complete the SQE1 before starting with us. We would fund and support you though the SQE2.

I’ve already got Qualifying Work Experience; do you accept this?

Any previous work experience would only be accepted at our discretion. It is expected that you will complete your full 2 years Qualifying Work Experience with us which would follow the same structure as our current Period of Recognised Training.

For further information on our Graduate Recruitment please contact Richard Taylor, Training Principal.

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