Lightening your load: Mental Health Awareness Week - 18-24 May 2020

Adam Riley, 20th May, 2020

The past 9 weeks have been amongst the most challenging that many of us, and many businesses, will have been through. In an instant, lives and businesses have been thrown into uncertainty.

This uncertainty, paired with the modern world we live in, can have a profound impact on the mental health of each and every one of us. News is fed to us constantly, often from unchecked and unfiltered sources, and knowing how to navigate a path through this crisis can seem an endless and draining task. Growing businesses, which have been the fruits of our blood sweat and tears, suddenly placed on hold (possibly indefinitely); or family members, with whom we so recently spent so much time, now isolated and concerned. The challenges we currently face, mentally as well as financially and medically, are something unprecedented for many amongst us.

It is vital that we all remember that help and support is always available. If you feel like you need someone to talk to, or some support with your mental health, there are a wealth of wonderful resources including national charities such as:

Or local support such as:

If you're suffering from stress, anxiety and/or depression you can contact: Tel: 01482 335451; or Text TALK to 60163.

It's always good to talk...

In addition to these wonderful mental health resources, it is important to remember what a positive impact can be made by speaking to people who can help you lift (or share with you) the burden you feel. In our roles, we often hear about additional burdens created by lingering (or potential) legal issues (be they personal and/or professional), fear created by letters or correspondence received from other people, concerns arising out of contracts or binding documents into which you have entered, or even feeling like your personal affairs are not in the order you would like. But we're more than that.

At Gosschalks we are always available to talk. Just because we're lawyers, the clock isn't always ticking and despite the perception of our industry, we're primarily driven by helping people find solutions. We have a large team of people from all walks of life with decades of experience dealing with everything imaginable. Whatever the challenges you face, the chances are one of our colleagues has seen it all before and helped people through similar. Quite often after an intitial chat with clients, we find that the issues they think they have are not issues at all - there's a solution to every challenge.

Still not sure?

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At Gosschalks we have a long history of supporting both national and local clients, of all natures and sizes, through whatever challenges they have faced. Now, more than ever, if you’re struggling with any legal concerns, be they business or personal, our dedicated and supportive team are here for you.

Most important of all – stay safe and be sure to look after your mental health.

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